Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Florence Nightingale's Blue Plaque

Blue Plaque of Florence Nightingale

NIGHTINGALE, Florence (1820-1910),
In a house on this site, Florence Nightingale, 1820-1910, lived and died.
10 South Street, W1
Westminster 1955
Note: New plaque on rebuilt premises. Original plaque erected by the Duke of Westminster and removed when the house was pulled down in 1929.

According to the English Heritage website this plaque replaces one that was erected by the Duke of Westminster on a building that was demolished in 1929. I just had to post this as i really love the way the lead piping curves around the side of the plaque.

As you can see from the plaque Florence Nightingale lived to 90 years of age, very impressive for someone who spent so much of their time surrounded by the very ill and dying.

The plaque is one of many on the back roads tucked in behind Park Lane. I' ll try and paste more over the coming days.

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tomoki y. said...

Hello. My name is tomoki y., a former Londoner currently based in Kyoto, Japan. I write a blog on translations of various books, new and old, in Japanese and several other languages. Today I ran into your blog, and mentioned it on my blog (middle of the page, below the aerial photo of South Street, Mayfair). Thank you very much!

Florence Nightingale (from Eminent Victorians) by Lytton Strachey (2)
tomokilog, 7 June 2008