Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Four New Blue Plaques NW5

OK, this was another weekend blue plaque visit, I'm going to try and up the amount I'm visiting during the week otherwise I'll still be doing this for approximately another four years

I was going to try and see a couple on Saturday down in Putney as I was visiting friends in the area but I ended up working on the Blue Plaque Website all day instead, whilst Jess read the new Harry Potter. Those are on the backburner for now, but it'll be a good excuse to visit my Putney pals again soon.

On Sunday we were meeting Jess's step mum, Jane Ogden for a meal in the evening so we invited her along for a bit of blue plaque spotting during the afternoon. We arranged to meet in Kentish town for lunch and headed up to a pub called The Pineapple mainly as I had seen a stop motion animation video featuring it on youtube and was feeling a bit web 2.0, mixing up the online and offline to create what I call Web 2.go. See it online and then go see the real thing.

After a great meal we headed off to the first spot. Burghley Road is a quite residential road just off Fortress Rd in Kentish town. We found the plaque about half way up ,dedicated to Kwame Nkrumah the first president of Ghana.

For a man that accomplished so much in his life, it was an extremely normal looking home, but I imagine that I will see this again again and again over the coming months.

We nearly couldn't see the next plaque as it almost completely obscured by scaffolding, but standing on a railing on the other side of the street I managed to take this shot. This was the home of the painter Ford Maddox Brown who lived here from around 1855 he worked with Dante Gabriel Rossetti. You can see an example of some of Ford Madoxs' work here

Those were the only two in north NW5 so we headed back down past Kentish town tube to the property I'd been most looking forward to all day.

George Orwell lived at 50 Lawford Road from 1935 to 1936. Having read 1984 as a teenager I had been really keen to see something more of the man that had first made me enjoy reading for pleasure. During his time here he finished another one of his most famous works, Keep the Aspidistra Flying

Just around the corner was our last stop of the day, Camden School for Girls. The blue plaque here to to recognise the work of Frances Mary Buss who was headmistress here from 1879- 1894. She is remembered for her work pioneering the right for an equal education for women.

Adam suggested I add a link to the Plaques I've been to see. So here you go

Not a bad weekends Blue plaquing, but must try harder during the week

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